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Europaschule Linz


European Day of Languages 26th September 2021

To celebrate the European Day of Languages we, the pupils of the “Sprachenschiene”, went to the old townhall on the main square in Linz to find out about Sign Languages.
Upon arrival we got headphones so that we had the feeling of being deaf. We found out a lot about Sign Languages and how deaf people are coping with everyday life. Sign language is not a pantomime because deaf people only use their face and upper body when they communicate. Our guide taught us sign language for please, thank you, bravo and even playing football.
Sign language was much harder than we imagined and there are as many sign languages just as there are foreign languages. It was hard to understand our guide because we couldn’t hear him but only look at his hands and mouth. It was especially difficult for the deaf during Covid-times, when everyone wore masks, as lipreading was impossible.
Here is what some of us thought:

⚫ “I liked that we learned some signs and I also liked the games that we played together.”
⚫ “I thought it was interesting how deaf people can cope with everyday live in a silent world.”
⚫ “It was exhausting and a bit frustrating not being able to just explain things with words.”
⚫To our guide we would like to say in all the languages of our classroom:“Tesekurler”, “Hvala“, “Faleminderit”, “Merci”, “Vielen Dank” and “Thank you”
⚫ It was a great learning experience!

Sprachenschiene 3ab (RLL) (WW)